November 2022

Dr. Hilary Maxim joins Hearing the Call International in Peten, Guatemala

Hearing the Call helps people both locally and internationally with hearing healthcare; in Peten, there is little to no access to any healthcare. Over three days, the team that traveled to Guatemala saw 348 patients and fit 194 hearing aids.

May 2021

Red Maple Audiology hosts Give Back Day with Hearing the Call - Red Maple Roots

Dr. Ashlee, Dr. Amanda and Nicole were joined by Audiologists, Nora , Judy, and Henry for a day of give back! Nora and Judy joined us from Entheos Audiology Cooperative while Henry joined from hearing aid manufacturer, Widex. Donated hearing aids were provided for the day by both Widex and Oticon, and additional funding for the project was supported by Life for Relief and Development. For more information about out local non-profit project through Hearing the Call, Red Maple Roots click here.